How to Create an Eye Catching CTA in Divi with a Few Simple Hover Effects

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Subtle interactions and hover effects can be useful for creating an eye-catching CTA (Call to Action). The trick is to use effects that make your CTA more attractive and intuitive so users are more likely to take action. And since the end goal of most CTAs is clicking a link or button, it is important to optimize your CTA in a way that brings those clickable items to the forefront.In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use Divi to optimize the visibility of CTAs using multiple hover effects. I’ll show you how to add section divider backgrounds on hover to stage your CTAs for better contrast and readability. And I’ll show you how to enlarge and move the CTA to the center of the page on hover so that it becomes the main focus. These hover effects will be useful for making any call to action stand out and, hopefully, improve the user experience.Read more: