How to Create a Rotated Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder

Elegant Themes

Ever since the Divi Theme Builder has come out, we’ve tried to guide you through the process of creating your own global headers. We’ll continue doing that by showing you how to create a rotated global header that appears on the left side of your pages and posts. The header’s background color is completely transparent, allowing the page/post content to show through. We’ve made sure that the global header stays fixed to the left side while scrolling and we’ve transformed the menu into a mobile-friendly version as well. In this use case tutorial, we’ll show you how to recreate the design from scratch and you’ll also be able to download the template JSON file for free!Get the free Magazine Layout Pack: you don’t have Divi yet, you can learn more about this powerful theme on our website using the link below: Want to give back to the community? Share your empowering knowledge, skills, experience, and creativity on the Elegant Themes blog by contributing: Go to the blog post: