Change the spacing between products in your Divi WooCommerce store

Divi Engine

When building a storefront in Divi and WooCommerce, you might want some extra space around your product cards. You might even have a custom loop layout for your products that need that space. Does Divi allow you to do this? Unfortunately, not without some code. Luckily, with Divi BodyCommerce, all you need to do is either set a custom gutter on the BodyCommerce Product Loop module, or in your custom product loop itself. This is super simple and you should try it today!Let’s take a look how easy it is to do that with Divi BodyCommerce 🎉Now this is just one of the hundreds of features Divi BodyCommerce will add to any Divi WooCommerce install, so be sure to check it out if you are not yet a customer!➤ Get 15% off Divi BodyCommerce with coupon code: BCQT➤ Learn more about Divi BodyCommerce➤ Try Divi BodyCommerce for FREE