How to Create a Simple Text Marquee with Divi

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Text marquees provide a scrolling area of text to your website that engages readers with useful snippets of content. They are also called tickers (or news tickers) and are often used to show a steady stream of news updates at the top or bottom of a page. Usually, the scrolling animation is done with a single line of content in a loop so that the information is displayed repeatedly. Unfortunately, the HTML marquee tag is obsolete so we are counting on CSS and JavaScript to create marquees these days. However, with Divi, you can create a simple marquee without having to worry about custom code.In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to Create a Simple Text Marquee with Divi. We will even cover how to pause the scrolling text animation on hover and how to add a large text marquee as a unique design element for your headers.Read more: