Using conditional logic to show or hide filter fields on your Divi site

Divi Engine

Sometimes you want your users to only see certain fields in you Ajax Filters as they correspond to other selections they have made in Divi. Our Divi Ajax Filter plugin makes this easy by using some conditional logic to decide what is shown, and what is hidden.In this Quick Tip we run you through how to quickly set these up and start offering a more bespoke experience to your Divi users. If you’ve been here for a minute, you’ll know that Divi Ajax Filters are already baked into Divi BodyCommerce and Divi Machine.This of course is just one amazing feature you’ll find in Divi Ajax Filters, so be sure to check out our other videos and website for more ways you can create a more bespoke Divi experience.👉 Get 15% off Divi Ajax Filters with coupon code: AJAXQT👉 Learn more about Divi Ajax Filters