Introducing Divi Condition Options!

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📣 Learn More About Divi Condition Options:👉 Feature OverviewToday we are excited to release a new set of condition options for Divi that allow you to apply advanced display logic to any module, row or section, hiding or displaying elements based on a set of conditions that you define, such as user role, date and time, post information, website location and more. For example, you can enable floating promotional banners that automatically appear at the start of a sale, and disappear at the end of a sale. You can display unique content to users when they log in, and unique elements to specific users based on their user role. Divi comes with a wide range of conditions and so many unique ways to use them, so let’s dig in and explore the details of this powerful new feature.🕐 Video Chapters0:00 – Intro0:46 – Instructions1:03 – Example 1, Date & Time2:07 – Example 2, Logged In Status3:17 – Example 3, WooCommerce4:22 – Closing Thoughts🎁 Get Divi Today