Adding 3D Effects to GIFs and HTML5 Videos to Display Unique Product Animations in Divi

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Animated GIFs and HTML5 videos can be great for animating how a product works on your website. These short animations communicate valuable information to the visitor in a way that is more readily digested than a regular video. Adding these type of GIFs and HTML5 videos can be done pretty easily with Divi. And with a little creativity, you can add 3D effects for unique product animations.In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add 3D effects to GIFs and HTML5 videos to display unique product animations in Divi. This design works really well for those looking for a creative layout to showcase a featured product or service. To do this, we’ll first need to understand how to add GIFs and HTML5 video embeds to your page using Divi. Then we’ll be able to use Divi’s transform options to position and rotate the GIF (or video) in 3d space. To finish things off, we’ll be using a few Divi design techniques to create a beautiful section layout to go with those 3D GIFs and Videos.Read more: