Swap the Divi Header Logo on mobile when the user scrolls

Divi Engine

In this Divi Mobile Quick Tip video, we show you how to swap the contents of your page header using the Divi Mobile Plugin. This trick can help make your website more dynamic and engaging for users. Swapping the contents of your page header is useful for a variety of reasons.For example, it can help to:✅ Emphasize the header once the user goes to the bottom of the page: When your company logo changes as the page scrolls, it effectively draws the consumer’s attention to the header, which will help promote your brand and retain them with a focused gaze.✅ By replacing the header logo of your site on scroll, you can add an element of surprise and delight to your site visitors, which might make the user experience more fun and memorable.✅ Communicate a message: Depending on the logo you use, switching it on scroll can be a subtle way to communicate a message or theme. For example, you could change the logo to represent different sections of your website, signaling a change in content or topic.Watch the video to learn how to implement this feature on your own Divi website and start taking advantage of the benefits of one of the many amazing features found in Divi Mobile.👉 Get 15% off Divi Mobile with coupon code: MOBQT👉 Learn more about Divi Mobile @ https://diviengine.com/product/divi-mobile/