Divi Feature Update! Design Initiative 2 0 Doubling Down On Great Design

Elegant Themes

Learn More Here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/design-initiative-2-0We are always looking for ways to over-deliver, to surprise and delight you with even more value and to prove just how special the Divi membership is. Several months ago we launched our Divi Design Initiative and built a new design team to provide the community with a steady stream of stunning Divi layout packs every single week. Today, we are announcing the Design Initiative 2.0. We are doubling down on design, doubling the size of our design team, and doubling the amount of amazing design resources that we will be producing, starting today. That means that you can look forward to two new Divi Layout Packs every week, for free. These packs feature world class designs, filled with up to 8 unique layouts that can be installed with a single click, allowing you to get a full Divi website up and running in no time.