How to use Conditional Logic to Style Divi Layouts based on Advanced Custom Field value

Divi Engine

Divi has some awesome conditional logic baked right into the Divi Theme that allows you to take more control on how your site behaves, and looks, but sometimes you want to do more complicated things that Divi simply can’t do.Enter Divi Machine Conditional Logic. ➤ Get 15% off Divi Machine with coupon code: MACHQTThere are quite a few things you can do with this, but one of the most powerful features is that you can use the ACF Item Module to construct and assign CSS classes to any element on the page using a value that you’ve assigned to a Custom Post Type using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).It sounds like a lot to wrap your head around, but I promise you, it is not so hard. This video will briefly show how and where you set this up using Divi Machine. Now, we are using one of our FREE Divi Machine layouts called Hamburger Shop, so check out how we used this feature to set our menu items as either NEW or RECOMMENDED.Pretty cool stuff!➤ FREE Hamburger Shop Divi Machine Layout➤ Hamburger Shop Demo Site➤ Learn more about Divi Machine As of posting this video, we have dropped the dots at the front of our module names.