How to use Divi Cloud to Upload and Import Divi Layouts in the Divi 4.17 Update

Divi Engine

Divi Cloud was just released with Divi 4.17 and it is an amazing feature that you can use, even if you do not subscribe to their Divi Cloud subscription.Divi Cloud enables you to upload your Divi layouts just as you would photos or files to a central server that you can then retrieve from anywhere on any Divi Install that is signed into the same account.In this video we show you how to upgrade to Divi 4.17 and then use a layout from our Coded Design to Divi Layout tutorial series to show you how to use Divi Cloud to upload and import your layouts. After we’ll muse a bit about on what this means for the future of Divi.➤ Coded Design to Divi Layout Tutorial Series @➤ Learn more about Divi Engine @➤ Get the Divi Theme @ Introduction00:18 What is Divi Cloud?00:45 How much does Divi Cloud cost?02:19 Upgrading to Divi 4.1702:50 Signing into Divi Cloud04:02 How to use Divi Cloud04:35 Saving a Layout to Divi Cloud05:39 Importing a Layout from Divi Cloud07:28 Future Features for Divi Cloud08:50 The Future of Divi (Divi as a Service?)10:00 Conclusion