Divi Machine – Related Linked Posts

Divi Engine

This video will help you better understand how to implement the rather complicated feature that is Linked Post Types in Divi Machine.We get, this can be very confusing to understand initially, but trust us, this is a must have feature when building a site with any sort of relational information.In this documentation video we explain Linked Posts and its one-to-many relationship using the example of Car Dealers and the Cars they sell.LINKS➤ Divi Machine Documentation https://help.diviengine.com/article/607-welcome-to-divi-engine-divi-machine➤ Linked Posts flow chart PDF https://diviengine.com/downloads/divi-machine-linked-posts.pdf➤ Learn more about Divi Machine https://diviengine.com/product/divi-machine/➤ Divi Theme https://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=58998CHAPTERS00:00 Introduction00:30 What are Related Linked Posts?01:14 Related Post Type Examples01:35 How to Set it Up?01:47 Setting up the Post Object Field04:15 Show other Cars (CPT1) sold by the same Dealer (CPT2)06:46 Checking the Car Page (CPT1)07:30 Show Specific Cars (CPT1)07:59 Change Post Object09:59 Updating our Layout Template11:56 Checking the Car Page (CPT1)12:18 Conclusion