How to Clone any Online Store with Divi and WooCommerce: Part 4 – The Details

Divi Engine

Folks, you’ve done it! We are on the final installment of our Tutorial Series on How to Clone Any Online Store with Divi and WooCommerce. Again, we will be using WooCommerce along with the Divi Theme. In the final installment, we are going to tighten up some design details as well as look at how you would customize your WooCommerce emails, Add Packing Slips to orders, and probably the most important step, choosing a payment processor.LINKSText Tutorial: Shortcodes: SMTP Plugin: SMTP Guide: Terms Generator: Terms Plugin: Payments Processing: Payment Processing: Payment Processing: vs Paypal Comparison: BodyCommerce: Introduction00:53 Step 1: Fixing the Cart & Checkout Pages05:14 Step 2: Customize WooCommerce Emails10:55 Ensuring Email Delivery with WP Mail SMTP11:52 Step 3: Add Packing Slips to Orders14:47 Step 4: Policy Pages17:49 Step 5: Payment Processing25:20 Conclusion