How to add a Dynamic Copyright Date in your footer using Divi Dynamic Content

Divi Engine

Keeping on track with our Divi Tutorial Series on Building Divi Sites that don’t look like Divi Sites we turn to the Dynamic Content features built into the Divi Theme. Nothing says sloppy development like a stale date in the footer of your site. Not only that, it affect the credibility of that site.In this Divi Tutorial we will show you how to use the Divi Dynamic Content feature to make sure the date in our footer reflects the current year not matter when you look at it.If you are into building Divi sites that are truly dynamic, you should definitely check out Divi Machine. Using the power of the Advanced Custom Field (ACF) plugin, Divi Machine helps you display the data of each custom post where and how you would like. Need a gallery slider or a download file button? No problem.📖 Text Tutorial @ h📚 How to un-Divify your Divi Sites Tutorial Series @➤ Learn more about Divi Engine @➤ Get the Divi Theme @ Introduction01:05 Footer Design Overview01:30 Building the Global Footer01:44 Adding a Global Footer Template01:58 Breaking down Footer Design Elements02:37 Translating the Design Layout to Divi02:54 Footer Section Settings04:03 Footer Row Settings04:35 Conclusion