Divi Form Builder – Redirects

Divi Engine

This video will take you through some of the redirects features you’ll find in Divi Form Builder that allows you to send the user to a specific page based on whether a form was successfully or unsuccessfully submitted.LINKS➤ Divi Form Builder: https://diviengine.com/product/divi-form-builder/➤ Divi Form Builder Support Page: https://help.diviengine.com/article/756-welcome-to-divi-engine-divi-form-builder➤ Submission Redirects: https://help.diviengine.com/article/794-submission-redirectsCHAPTERS00:00 Introduction00:43 Form Submission Redirect Settings01:37 Successful form submission redirect02:51 Failed form submission redirect03:20 Conclusion