Divi Form Builder – Spam Protection

Divi Engine

This video will take you through the various feature in Divi Form Builder that helps you eliminate spam submission. Divi Form Builder uses the standard logic Captcha which has you solve a simple math problem, Google reCaptcha V2 & 3, as well as a honeypot field to help trick bots.LINKS➤ Divi Form Builder: https://diviengine.com/product/divi-form-builder/➤ Divi Form Builder Support Page: https://help.diviengine.com/article/756-welcome-to-divi-engine-divi-form-builder➤ Spam Protection: https://help.diviengine.com/article/773-spam-protectionCHAPTERS00:00 Introduction00:42 Google reCAPTCHA02:21 Basic Captcha Field03:05 Honeypot Captcha Field03:53 Conclusion