How to Change WooCommerce or Post Pagination to Infinite Scroll

Divi Engine

Both Divi Machine & BodyCommerce come with some great pagination options to make it a little less boring and a lot more visually striking. Infinite scroll is probably the most popular.We all love that dopamine filled experience where when you have scrolled to the bottom of a predetermined number of elements like products or custom post types, that the next group of elements magically appear at the bottom of the section without reloading the page. This is infinite scrolling and it is awesome!Let’s take a look how easy it is to add that to your Divi Machine & BodyCommerce websites!Now this is just one of the hundreds of features Divi Machine or BodyCommerce will add to any Divi install, so be sure to check it out if you are not yet a customer!➤ Get 15% off Divi Machine with coupon code: MACHQT➤ Learn more about Divi Machine➤ Get 15% off Divi BodyCommerce with coupon code: BCQT➤ Learn more about Divi BodyCommerce➤ Try Divi BodyCommerce for FREE