How to Optimize Your Sidebar on Mobile Using the Divi Theme Builder

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I some cases, keeping a sidebar on mobile can be a bit of overkill. Users are happy to scroll through relevant info on their tablets and phones (to a point). But when you have a significant amount of sidebar content after the main content of the page, users may never reach the footer, which usually consists of some important calls to action. That’s why it is important to optimize the sidebar on mobile.In this tutorial, we are going to go over ways you can use the Divi Theme Builder to optimize your sidebar on mobile display. Here are some of the things we will cover in this article:- How to Create a Template with a Sidebar- Creating Sidebar Content Using Divi Modules and WordPress Widgets- Using Multiple Widget Areas to hide/show certain widgets on mobile- Controlling the Spacing Between Sidebar Content on mobile- Hiding Sidebar Content Completely on Mobile- Hiding Some Sidebar Content on Mobile- Hiding Elements within Modules to Minimize Content on Mobile- Making Sidebar Content Responsive by adjusting text size and spacing- How to Change the Stacking Order of the Sidebar on MobileRead more: