Divi 4.11 + Divi Engine Bug Update

Divi Engine

ATTENTION RE: DIVI 4.11This is a follow up to our previous email about recent issues with ajax content loaded with Divi 4.11 onwards.Peter has recorded a video which we think would be beneficial to listen to, which explains some things.Here is a summary- We have identified that the bug is withDivi + WooCommerce + BodyCommerce- We use the same code for ajax filters/paginationas Machine and standalone Ajax Filters and thereare not issues reported here.- We have released BodyCommerce 6.3.1which fixes some issues our side- Divi have released 4.11.2- It seems there is a bug still and it is very rare- We have updated our demo sites (like: https://ajax-filters-bc.diviengine.com/) and it is working perfectly- The issue seems to be on some environments- The issue is ONLY that ajax filter or pagination returns blank content for the products/postsWhat to doPlease update your sites on a dev or staging site and check the ajax filters/pagination. If it works, you are probably amoungst the majority where there are no issues. If you have issues, please email support@diviengine.comWe hope you all goes well with youbut we are here and love to support you if you get issues!