Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): What It Is & How to Optimize Your Website for It

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In today’s video, we’ll learn about Largest Contentful Paint and how you can optimize your website for it.Every web page is made up of dozens or hundreds of elements. Among them you’ll find text, images, buttons, widgets, and much more. Each element varies in size, and the largest ones call tell you a lot about how well optimized your website is using a metric called Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).In this video, we’ll explain the concept of LCP. We’ll also show you how to measure this data point and interpret the results. Finally, we’ll discuss how to optimize your LCP score. Let’s get to work!Blog post: What is LCP?1:12 LCP Score3:03 Optimize Your Score3:37 Resize and compress images3:48 Choose a better hosting service4:02 Use a Content Delivery Network4:17 Eliminate render-blocking scripts4:35 Recap4:46 Outro➡️ Learn more about Divi:…​🔵 Like us on Facebook:​#SEO #WordPress​ #ElegantThemes