Divi Mobile 101 – Divi Engine Webinar

Divi Engine

This webinar is for those who want better looking mobile menus in Divi and have chosen Divi Mobile plugin. We show you how to use the plugin and some things to consider when using it.0:00 Star!3:50 Disable tool/admin bar for user bar5:05 Mobile Menu for Themes and Child Themes6:12 Menu Style and Settings7:40 Custom Header Settings9:36 Choose Burger Menu settings16:10 Inject Layouts Settings21:25 Footer Menu / Bottom Navigation Menu25:26 Anchor Links in Divi Mobile 26:40 Q&ATOP QUESTIONS28:40 How to optimise images for a website?32:12 How to show Footer Menu on specific pages?35:00 Is Divi Engine on Elegant Themes Marketplace? 40:00 Divi Mobile Presets coming soon————–// Support //————–support@diviengine.com————–// Social Media //————–Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diviengine/Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiviEngine#Divi #Mobile #WordPress