How to add a Ken Burns effect to your background in Divi (without a plugin)

Divi Engine

The Ken Burns Effect is an awesome way to add some flair to boring static images. In this Divi tutorial we are taking this effect and applying it to a background overlayed with some content.We use the mighty powers of CSS and native Divi setting to apply the Ken Burns Effect without the need for a plugin, how cool is that?Let’s gooooooo!📖 Text Tutorial with the CSS code @➤ Learn more about Divi Engine @➤ Get the Divi Theme @ Introduction00:25 The Ken Burns Effect00:53 Creating a new page01:33 Adding the background image03:41 Hiding overflow in the row06:31 Adding our content row09:12 Offsetting the content row to overlay the background10:32 Adding the Ken Burns CSS code to Divi12:18 Adding the CSS class to the background12:55 Conclusion