How to Automatically Scroll Horizontally When Scrolling Vertically with Divi & GSAP

Elegant Themes

Learn more: more you explore websites on the web, the more you come across some really customized on-page experiences. You might have been wondering how to achieve certain advanced functionality and the answer is often this: by using an animation JavaScript library. A popular animation library nowadays is GSAP. But just because you want to use a JavaScript Library for something, doesn’t mean you have to manually go through the HTML and CSS part as well. Divi can take over the larger part of your web design process; building and designing, which leaves you with more time to focus on custom functionality and animation. In today’s tutorial, for instance, we’re going to show you how to scroll horizontally when actually scrolling vertically using Divi and GSAP. This results in an advanced animation effect that you can customize however you want. You’ll be able to download the JSON file for free as well!If you don’t have Divi yet, you can learn more about this powerful theme on our website using the link below: Want to give back to the community? Share your empowering knowledge, skills, experience, and creativity on the Elegant Themes blog by contributing: