How to Combine Divi’s Background Gradient Builder, Masks and Patterns

Elegant Themes

Today we are going to show you how to combine Divi’s Background Gradient Builder with background masks and patterns to create a beautiful background design. We’ll show you how to add each of the background design elements (background gradient, masks and patterns) to a section. Plus, we’ll demonstrate how easy and fun it can be to change the design combinations with a few simple clicks.📝 Blog post:🤯 12 FREE Background Mask and Pattern Designs:🌈 Free Gradient Pack:’s new background options have unlocked an exciting new world of possibilities for Divi users. The new gradient builder allows makes it easy to create any type of gradient we want with as many colors as we want. But that is just one layer of creativity. We can combine the Gradient Builder design with background masks and patterns to create countless unique and stunning background designs for your website.➡️ Learn more about Divi:🔵 Like us on Facebook: #Divi #ElegantThemes