How to use SVG images in Divi (2 methods)

Divi Engine

In this Divi tutorial we are going to show you two ways to implement SVG images on your Divi sites. Not only that, we will show you how to create an SVG image from scratch. We will even show you how to make one from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.If you are not familiar with SVGs, it is important to know that they are vector-based images that will scale to any size without any loss in image fidelity.I know, mind blown 🤯Best of all, this tutorial will set you up to start building your own SVG hamburger menus for Divi Mobile. Yep, we just rolled out an update that allows you to create and use your very own SVG hamburger menus. Let’s gooooooo!📖 Text Tutorial @ ➤ SVG Support plugin @➤ Learn more about Divi Engine @➤ Get the Divi Theme @➤ Get InkScape @ CHAPTERS00:00 Introduction01:21 Creating an SVG logo in Adobe Illustrator06:11 Fitting your Art Board to your logo06:42 Adding support for SVG images in Divi07:20 Assign the SVG image as our Divi logo09:07 Exporting SVG code from Illustrator10:35 Exporting SVG code from InkScape12:02 Adding your SVG code to Divi12:47 Manipulating the SVG code18:21 Conclusion