2 Things you should change on every Divi site you build

Divi Engine

Keeping on track with our Divi Tutorial Series on Building Divi Sites that don’t look like Divi Sites we are going to start saving some time with our builds by setting up some Divi Defaults.In this tutorial wee will show you how to setup your default color palette so that you have easy access to those hard to remember hex codes. Not only that, we will also show you how to set your default heading and body fonts so that you can stop mucking about in the Divi Design tab.Let’s gooooooo!📖 Text Tutorial @ https://diviengine.com/2-things-you-should-change-on-every-divi-site-you-build/📚 How to un-Divify your Divi Sites Tutorial Series @ https://diviengine.com/how-to-un-divify-your-divi-sites/➤ Learn more about Divi Engine @ https://diviengine.com/➤ Get the Divi Theme @ https://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=58998CHAPTERS00:00 Introduction01:25 Setting the Divi Default Color Palette04:00 Setting the Divi Default Font Typography06:15 Conclusion