We Made Divi Fast. Super Fast!

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🚀 We Made Divi Fast…Super Fast! https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/divi-performance📣 Divi Feature Update DetailsToday we are excited to release a transformational Divi Performance update that speeds up Divi from every angle and lays down a foundation on which Divi can grow with more modules and more features without ever adding bloat to your website. We turned Divi into a super light-weight theme by modularizing it’s PHP framework and assets, loading and processing only what’s needed on-demand based on the modules and features you use. We made Divi super smart, automatically identifying Critical CSS, deferring non-critical styles and reducing the Divi Builder’s CSS output by combining duplicate styles. We also introduced a collection of new options that automatically improve performance by caching and deferring various render-blocking requests and removing unneeded resources. 🕐 Video Chapters1:00 – PageSpeed Results1:40 – Dynamic Framework2:30 – Dynamic CSS3:15 – Critical CSS4:05 – Smart Styles4:36 – Speed Boosters5:30 – Dynamic JavaScript6:06 – Divi vs The Competition8:48 – The Magic Of Divi🎁 Get Divi Todayhttps://www.elegantthemes.com/join/