How to change the Default Pagination in WooCommerce with Divi

Divi Engine

The default pagination in WooCommerce is, well, pretty ugly. And aside from installing sketchy plugins or knowing CSS, you are pretty much stuck with it. Luckily with Divi BodyCommerce, all you need to do is flip a switch, select 1 of the 11 presets, and style them to fit your brand. This makes a huge difference in any site and you should start using it today!Let’s take a look how easy it is to add that to your BodyCommerce websites 🎉Now this is just one of the hundreds of features Divi BodyCommerce will add to any Divi WooCommerce install, so be sure to check it out if you are not yet a customer!➤ Get 15% off Divi BodyCommerce with coupon code: BCQT➤ Learn more about Divi BodyCommerce➤ Try Divi BodyCommerce for FREE